Meeting with TUM President Thomas Hofmann

Graduate Council Speakers with Präsident Thomas Hofmann; Foto: Andreas Heddergott /TUM

How can TUM future-proof itself as an attractive and innovative choice for pursuing a doctorate among global top universities? What is your vision for the next decade? – some big questions asked by TUM president Prof. Thomas Hofmann in our first meeting. Big questions that we will make sure to carry back home to the TUM Graduate Council to collect some rich feedback by July 2024.

As newly elected speakers of the TUM Graduate Council, Leon Chryssos and Stuart Daniel James were introduced to Prof. Hofmann by their predecessors Anna Christina Jäkel and Ayesha Müller-Wolfertshofer. As first speaker Stuart will represent all doctoral candidates at the TUM Senate and TUM Board of Trustees for the coming year. Leon will take on a formative role at TUM Graduate School meetings as second speaker.