Good Scientific Practice

Good Scientific Practice aims at protecting your research and preventing scientific misconduct and questionable practices. Here, we offer you some documents that may help you, particularly as an early career scientist.

Statute of the Technical University of Munich on Safeguarding Good Academic Practice and Procedures in Cases of Academic Misconduct (2021, TUM)

Principles of Effective Career Support in Academia (2021, DFG)

DFG Kodex: Guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice (2019, DFG)

Support by the ombudsperson

In the ombuds office, the adequate support of young scientists is a recurring topic. Please contact them if you need an exchange or advice on a specific case. The ombudsperson’s office works under strict confidentiality and can provide guidance in many cases. You can find their contact [here].

Position of the Graduate Council on Good Scientific Practice

Compliance with the Rules of Good Scientific Practice is central to a well-functioning scientific community, particularly if it exemplifies best practices to its young scientists. For this reason, the TUM Graduate Council has prepared this position.