Every year, the TUM Graduate Council elects two of its members as their speakers. The TUM Graduate Council Speakers host the regular TUM GC meetings and are in continuous exchange with the TUM Graduate School Management Office and the TUM Graduate Centers. They are also members of the TUM Senate, of the Management Board of the TUM Graduate School, and of the Research Associates’ Council of the TUM.

Sebastian Straßer

Sebastian Straßer

1st Speaker

TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mónica Basilio Hazas

Mónica Basilio Hazas

2nd Speaker

TUM Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management

Doctoral Representatives

The TUM Graduate Council consists of the elected representatives of the doctoral candidates from all TUM Graduate Centers, i.e. the Faculty Graduate Centers as well as the Thematic Graduate Centers. The members of the TUM Graduate Council thus represent more than 7,000 doctoral candidates from the entire TUM.


Malihe Chamany


Isabel Aschenbrenner
Nicolas Hilgert

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sebastian Straßer
Xinyue Li


David Soto Setzke

Carolin Schuster

Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering (BGU)

Belinda Bock
Philipp Stinshoff
Sebastian Schrönghamer

Mechanical Engineering

Marc Xia
Alexander Gelner

Mathematics (ISAM)

Benedikt Graswald
Henrik Sloot
Gabriela Zeller

TUM Medical Graduate Center

Romina Rösch
Mona Wang
Kathrin Kim Heise
Zhe Xie
Haosu Zhang


Albert Schletter
Massimo Kube

Sport and Health Sciences

Steffen Lang
Lotta Müller
Lisa Baumgartner
Andrea Göttler

TUM School of Education

Janina Täschner
Sarah Scheuerer

TUM School of Governance

Denis Kiwanuka
Vellah Kedogo Kigwiru

TUM School of Life Sciences (GZW)

Baraa Altaha

TUM School of Management

Karina Konieczny
Tobias Kalsbach

Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS, IGC TSS)

Amy Clare
Marc Strotmann

Munich School of Engineering

Katharina Bär
Alexandre Capone

International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE)

Linda Bandelow

Lisa Hug

Graduate School of Bioengineering

Jakob Lingg

Bojan Sandurkov

Top Math

Tobias Böhle
Chris Dong

Environmental Health (HELENA)

Sara Bilekova
Juan Henao Sanchez
Anna Kilanowski
Sarah Schulz

Plasma Physics (HEPP)

Annemarie Kärcher

Philipp Sand

Munich Aerospace

Tugba Akman

Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design

Jörg Bentz
Tina Hermann

TUM Campus Straubing

Felix Rheude
Maurice Hädrich

Student Assistants

The TUM Graduate Council and particularly its speakers are supported by two student assistants that take over administrative tasks, actively participate in the regular meetings of the TUM Graduate Council and work together with the doctoral representatives on various strategic and operational topics.

Sarah Elser

Nora Weiner

Senior Advisors to the TUM Graduate Council

Previous speakers automatically become Senior Advisors to the current speakers of the TUM Graduate Council. They advise them on strategic questions and ensure that previously acquired knowledge is passed on to the newest generation of speakers. They meet once a year to discuss prevailing topics of the  TUM Graduate Council.

Jakob Kaiser

Jakob Kaiser

1st Speaker (2019/20)

Albert Schletter

Albert Schletter

2nd Speaker (2019/20)

Sindre Haugland

Sindre Haugland

1st Speaker (2018/19)

Matthias Caro

Matthias Caro

2nd Speaker (2018/19)

Christoph Gschnaidtner

1st Speaker (2017/18)

Franziska Löhrer

2nd Speaker (2017/18)

Jonas Umlauft

Jonas Umlauft

1st Speaker (2016/17)

Hanna Schäfer

Hanna Schäfer

2nd Speaker (2016/17)

Felix Dietrich

1st Speaker (2015/16)

Patrick Gontar

2nd Speaker (2015/16)

Jochen Scholtes

2nd Speaker (2015/16)

Emanuel Schreiner

Emanuel Schreiner

1st Speaker (2012-14)

Viktoria Kindzierski

1st Speaker (2014/15)

Claudia Palumbiny

Claudia Palumbiny

2nd Speaker (2014/15)

Andreas Haslbeck

1st Speaker (2010 - 2012)

Wieland Biedermann

Wieland Biedermann

2nd Speaker (2011/12)

Iris Köhler

Iris Köhler

2nd Speaker (2010/11)