Working Groups

The Working Group Awareness aims at increasing the visibility of the TUM Graduate Council and its activities by designing posters, flyers and other information material. In addition, the Working Group is also responsible for the (social) media content published by the TUM Graduate Council. Check out and follow/like the Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to see the results.
Current Team: Mohamed Ahmed, Melike Kizak, Corinna Holetschek

Career Paths
The goal of the Working Group Career Paths is to develop criteria for enhancing the perspectives for the academic mid-level, in particular doctoral candidates. It is in close contact with and exchanges ideas on a regular basis with the TUM Task Force Career Paths.

Diversity and Internationalization
The TUM Graduate Council respects the diversity agreements of the individual faculties based on the TUM Diversity Code of Conduct. Building on this code of conduct, the Working Group Diversity and Internationalization currently develops its own guidelines, which deal specifically with the interests and needs of doctoral candidates at the Technical University of Munich.

Doctoral Regulations
The goal of the Working Group Doctoral Regulations is to suggest possible changes to the “TUM Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees”. To this end, ideas for changes to the regulation are collected from all stakeholders involved in the process of awarding a doctoral degree at TUM. These ideas will be discussed in the TUM Graduate Council and finally the Working Group will prepare a position paper that is then promoted at all levels of TUM.

The TUM campus Garching-Forschungszentrum contaings everything an aspiring doctoral researcher could hope for – except for a social life. The goal of the Working Group Garching is to change exactly this by organizing regulars’ tables, workshops, and other events. To join one of the events or to actively support the Working Group, check out the TUM Graduate Council’s social media accounts.

Good Scientific Practice
Good Scientific Practice (GSP) aims at protecting your research and preventing scientific misconduct and unethical practices. The Working Group Good Scientific Practice. promotes GSP especially for scientist at the beginning of their scientific career to raise awareness early. Collaboration with similar oriented groups and institutions at the TUM further strengthen the network for GSP.

The Working Group Raitenhaslach plans and organizes the yearly multi-day retreat of the TUM Graduate Council to Raitenhaslach. In this way, the Working Group provides the basis for an inspiring working environment which allows the members of the TUM Graduate Council to efficiently advance current projects.

Supervisory Award
The Working Group Supervisory Award is responsible for the yearly implementation of the TUM Supervisory Award. It organizes the nomination as well as the selection procedure and finally prepares the short list of candidates based on which the yearly winner of the TUM Supervisory Award is elected.
Current Team: Tobias Weiß, Lisa Hug, Luise Koch, Matthias Carosi, Severin Böhmer

The Working Group Survey was responsible for the TUM Graduate Council’s biannual questionnaire of all doctoral candidates at TUM. Since 2019, it supports thte TUM Graduate School at conducting Nacaps’ National Academic Panel Study and uses the results to identify current issues and demands of doctoral candidates at TUM.

The legendary networking event TUMblue is organized by the Working Group with the same name. The members of the TUMblue Working Group choose the location, plan the event, organize bands, food and drinks and act as the main contact persons before, during and after TUMblue.
Current Team: Anna Jäkel, Ayesha Müller-Wolfertshofer, Juan Lozano, Shruti Shukla, Stuart James, Vanessa Bolivar, Ashish Rao, Luise Koch, Faye Chong Huey Ping, Ekatarina Zhigalova, Vladimit Shitov, Franziska Kotsch, Severin Böhmer

The Working Group PromVerBund’s goal is to strengthen the communication and networking between doctoral representative bodies across all universities in Germany, such as the Landesnetzwerk der Promovierendenvertretungen in Bayern (LaProBay).
Current Team: Lena Riesenegger, Chuanlei Li , Jawad Tahir, Sankalp Choudhuri

The Working Group Schools pools the efforts of the TUM Graduate Council to smoothen the transition of TUM from faculties to schools. Major tasks include collecting best-practice examples across all fields and bringing them forward in various representative bodies at TUM. The Working Group also develops the new scheme for the TUM Graduate Council once its members are part of School Graduate Centers.