55th meeting of the TUM Graduate Council

55th meeting of the TUM Graduate Council incl. the election of the new speakers. The meeting is open for all members of the TU Munich, in particular for all doctoral candidates.


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Reports from the Speakers (ca. 20 min)
    1. Report of tasks/actions over last term
    2. Formal approval of Speakers
  3. Reports from the Working Groups (ca. 30 min)
    1. Career Paths
    2. Good Scientific Practice
    3. Diversity & Internationalization
    4. Awareness
    5. Survey
    6. TUMblue
    7. Supervisory Award
  4. Reports from the Doctoral Representatives (ca. 10 min)
  5. Election of new TUM Speakers (ca. 60 min)
    1. Presentation of the candidates
    2. Election
  6. Get-Together at the TUM Graduate School