New Graduate Council Speakers Team 2023 Elected

On January 18th, the Graduate Council gathered online for its 101st meeting to vote for the new speakers of the 2023 term. We are happy to announce that Anna Christina Jäkel (Physics of Synthetic Biological Systems, TUM Department of Physics), former second speaker of the Graduate Council, was elected as first speaker of the Graduate Council. Ayesha Müller-Wolfertshofer (Urban DesignDepartment of Architecture) was elected as the second speaker. Anna Christina Jäkel is a doctoral representative in the Graduate Center of Physics since 2021 and since the foundation of the School of Natural Sciences. Ayesha Müller-Wolfertshofer is a docotral representative of the School of Engineering and Design since 2022. As of the 18th of January, this team will officialy be the voice of the Graduate Council and thus, represent all docotoral candidates at TUM. Feel free to get in touch with the Gradtae Council and the Speakers Team of Anna & Ayesha via e-mail