55th Meeting of the TUM GC

On September 25th, the TUM Graduate Council helt its 55th Meeting at the campus in Garching-Forschungszentrum. 

Besides the reports of the various Working Groups — here, particularly the discussion of the very first draft of a position paper on the topic of Diversity at TUM should be mentioned — the Speakers of the TUM Graduate Council, Christoph Gschnaidtner and Franziska Löhrer presented a summary of the work done during their election term as speakers. Among others, the TUM Supervisory Award was established, a retreat of the TUM Graduate Council to Raitenhaslach was planned and TUMblue, the networking party from TUM doctoral candidates for TUM doctoral candidates, was organized for the 5th time.
Moreover, the Speakers presented an overview of the budget which stayed well below the forecasted figures. Based on their report both speakers were unanimously approved by the members of the TUM Graduate Council.

During its 55th meeting, the TUM Graduate Council also elected two new speakers. Before the meeting, two members of the TUM Graduate Council, Sindre Haugland (Physics) and Matthias Caro (TopMath), announced their candidacy by handing in their CVs and a motivational letter. Since during the meeting no further members indicated to run for the offices of Speakers of the TUM Graduate Council, Sindre Haugland (candidacy for 1st Speaker only) and Matthias Caro (candidacy for 2nd Speaker only) introduced themselves and were further questioned by the other members. The election resulted in Sindre Haugland and Matthias Caro winning the election with  72 out of 74 votes (2 invalid votes). The meeting concluded with a informal get-together (for more information, see here).